New York Times App finally gets it! (@nytimes, @ios7)

The New York Times app on the iPad has been one of my most used, least liked apps. However, that changed with their new iOS7 layout released yesterday. They've released a new app that is fluid, good looking and finally feels like it is designed for the iPad experience.  

Gone is the boxy, cramped layout with difficult pinch-to-close article gesture and the popover for section configuration menu. Instead, you have a simple back icon for going back to the main section from an article. You have a more lucid section transition from top to bottom. Even the background update has worked really well so far. A really pleasant experience. 

The couple things I am not crazy about are the italicized titles and the small '+' icon to expand section content. I get its need but seems a bit needless and hard to click. Though it does seem to remember the sections you've expanded and keeps them that way. Cool. The section configuration on the left is also far more pleasant and usable.

Great job, NYTimes team! I can finally enjoy my morning paper again!

@Withings - great personal scale that tracks weight via wi-fi

Tracking weight regularly is a great motivational device if you are trying to lose weight. Withings makes that simple. You set the scale up to connect to your wi-fi network and that's it. Every time you stand on it, the scale wirelessly transfers your weight and BMI to the cloud. You can view your weight progress on the computer or better still you can use the well-designed iPhone app.

It supports multiple profiles for members of a family and automatically posts the weight to the right profile.

I find its weight trend chart to be the best way to track weight while ignoring the daily ups and downs that are so painful. All you look at is the trend!

One great thing the Withings guys have done is to integrate this app with all the leading Health and Fitness apps out there such as  Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal,  and Jawbone UP.  It also acts as a really nice compiler of information from other services with excellent UI.

Overall, Withings scale and App make it an excellent product specially when used with other essential Health and Fitness apps.

Sunny days! A ray of hope for @Flickr from the newly invigorated @Yahoo!


Can Flickr be saved by Marissa Mayer and the newly invigorated Yahoo? I'm certainly happy to see how my photostream looks now with the much needed UI update. The Flickr iOS app is finally excellent. If only Flickr had done this app sooner, we'd have probably had no Instagram. However, it might all be too little too late as almost all great photography has already moved to 500px where photos are still incredible and the UI design is still a lot better. 

This photo is from Week #131/300. A hot, sunny day last year. We haven't had any hot or sunny days this summer yet.