Apple Watch unlocking the Mac: Priceless

Easy to keep bashing Apple for everything they did or didn't do and everything they could do better but once in a while there comes out of Apple something that is magical. The Touch ID was the last such thing and I feel the Apple Watch unlocking the Mac is the new thing for me. I know it has been around for a while but I only enabled it recently. This feature alone is worth the price of the Watch to me, about which I am otherwise still ambivalent. This unlock is magic. You do nothing other than show up near your mac and wake it.  Since it requires nothing, not even a conscious touch, it is even better and quicker than the Touch ID on the new MacBook pros with the touchbars. 

Only complaint - after a delay, like being out over the weekend away from work, you need to enter your password again. I wish this were a bit more intelligent and hence less frequent - like maybe not using over the weekend won't warrant the password entry but missing a couple days during the week would?