Kishanpura Chhatri


About 15 years ago the municipality of Indore suddenly 'rediscovered' a bunch of gorgeous ancient structures just outside the old subzi mandi in front of the Vir Savarkar Market. They were covered in the gunk of a hundred years, lost and rotting behind giant movie poster ads. They were washed thoroughly, lit and prettified to much fanfare. However, over the last decade, they seem to have sort of fallen out of favor again. They are dirty and a bit scary to visit. The usual truants and lost souls seem to use it mostly as a place to get a quite nap.

These chhatris were created from the mid-1850s through the early 1900s. They were created on spots where the Holkar rulers of Indore were cremated on the banks of the Khan River, which is mostly a sewer now.

I was quite impressed by the structures. They were beautifully made with awesome reliefs covering each giant dome. The architecture is very typical Hindu temple architecture.

I recommend that if you are in Indore you do visit these structures. Hopefully, the locals will actually care to give it a second look if they see you savoring it with your giant camera.

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