The Melting Pot

We've gone out for a somewhat formal dinner only a handful of times in the last year or so. Puja saw the new Fondue place in Hoboken by the Sinatra Drive while trying to park her car one day and was delighted as we love Fondue. So, yesterday, after some machinations we ended up at this place. We made a reservation which was probably a good idea.

This is probably the most formal Fondue place we've been to. Apart from the usual cheese fondues, it also offers cooking your own entrees in various broths. We, of course, skipped all of that for two servings of cheese fondues (spinach/artichoke and Mexican fiesta) and a chocolate fondue to top it off at the end!

The Fondues were good but our selections sort of turned it into more a 'dip' than a true fondue. The spinach-artichoke dip was more like what they serve at Houlihaan's and the Fiesta was more like the cheese Jalapeño dip that they sell in stores. However, it was fresh and hot and actually quite delicious. The chocolate fondue was of course very good, I mean warm chocolate with various goodies that you can dip in it! What's not to like?

The restaurant is big and new and fresh with a relaxed ambiance, almost business casual. We will certainly end up there again. Not sure when but hopefully within the next few months.