Silver Linings Playbook: An entertaining, overrated chick-flick

Here is yet another in a series of entertaining, well-made, feel-good, redemption movies that, while not possessing any great narrative or directional depth, manage to fascinate critics and viewers. Perhaps because it is so hard to make just a "good" movie, one that aims low but manages to hit whatever it was targeting. And the academy awards are particularly fond of such movies. They win a ton of awards and no one even remembers them later. Shakespeare in Love, Slumdog Millionaire and Artist from last year are all in the same playbook that plays on silver linings, that we all so long for. But is this really going to get in a hand-to-hand combat with the likes of Lincoln or Zero Dark Thirty?

Do we really long for a film where two damaged people find something common to root for and are eventually redeemed? And via dance and a sports team victory?

In short, Silver Linings Playbook is worth watching but it is by no stretch of imagination anything that is Oscar worthy, considering if Oscars themselves are worthy of anything.