One-Hundred-Seventeen: Resort to red filter when all else fails.


Taking a photo every week that is a keeper can be harder than you'd think. You need to resort to the old "convert to B&W if the photo isn't good" trick fairly regularly. This one was particularly plane and not even really in focus so I used the red filter during B&W conversion to greatly increase contrast to give something interesting to the photo.

There are 5 key types of filters that you can use when converting to Black and White in post-processing.

  • Red Filter: greatly increases contrast.
  • Orange Filter: increases contrast but is more balanced.
  • Yellow Filter: Most commonly used, is subtle enough for everyday use.
  • Green Filter: Starts to go the opposite and redue contrast and hence are not very useful. Work well with greenery.
  • Blue Filter: The least useful, stay away from them.

Here is a great and detailed review of these filters with examples at Photography Mad website.

Week #117/300.