@WSJ: Moving to #Newsstand: Another dysfunctional iOS feature

 I saw yesterday that WSJ app is moving to Apple's Newsstand folder on iOS and hence would offer automatic overnight downloads instead of you having to manually update it every morning. That would be great news if Newsstand actually worked as promised.

Newsstand's promise is that it would automatically update in the background overnight any newspapers and magazines or other periodicals that need such updates. Great concept but flawed in practice. One of Apple's many recent software features that 'just don't work'.

I subscribe to many apps that live in the Newsstand folder and I've allowed everything to update automatically via the Settings app. However, almost none of my apps every actually get new content overnight and are waiting for me to consume in the morning. While New York Times app is the worst offender, none of the others - The New Yorker or the National Geographic or the Magazine app ever get updated consistently if at all.

It is It is hard enough to find time to read magazines and any time you get around to launching one - you realize you have to download the latest issue. Completely pointless. If I have to download on launch then why does Newsstand exist at all? Currently, all it is really doing is creating a sort of a graveyard for all periodicals - a wasteland where periodicals go to die - rarely if ever to be opened again.

It is hard to know where the problem is. Is it with Apple's framework or with the apps themselves? Almost no app updating correctly points to a problem with the framework.

Seriously believe that it is not Android but decline in Apple's software quality is the single biggest threat to the company.