One-Hundred-Thirteen: Wishing well


We live complex, overcrowded lives in a complex, overcrowded world. Our relationships with our children are increasingly complex as well. We love them but struggle to find time to love them. We want to find time but there is always something more urgent or more immediate.

Then once in a while there is that moment. The moment when you have to take a pause and think about everything. Reevaluate. Will that moment change you? No, you will be what you've always been. But in that moment you will know why you failed as a person. You will know that it was no one else's fault but yours that you let your life go by you as if it were a train that missed your stop and you just saw it go by, dazed and confused about what you missed and why.

Aroma, we love you. Hope everything turns out great today.

Week #113/300