The Man with the Iron Fists: Want to know how good Tarantino is? Watch something that tries to use his sensibility without his sense

Sometimes you have to watch a bad film to understand how good some other films with the same basic theme were. The Man with the Iron Fists is a very poor man's Kill Bill, well, not even, let's say it is a poor man's House of Flying Daggers.

Quentin Tarantino makes great films, at least films that are greatly entertaining and wonderfully formed. He has a history of supporting projects that follow his sensibility without his sense (From Dusk Till Down, Hell Ride) and only Robert Rodriguez sometimes seems to be able to do any kind of justice (Sin City, Once upon a time in Mexico) to his inimitable brilliance.

RZA's overcrowded somewhat entertaining film with an amusing cast (Russel Crowe who looks like a giant pig. RZA himself - who is just a total downer, Lucy Liu - excellent as ever) and a very old story employs some ingenious tricks but it all seems lost in the ridiculously simple plot-line.

And the blood fountains - please - we've had it up to our necks.