Cyrus: Enjoyable but overrated blip

CyrusThis low-budget film did well with critics as indie, simple movies tend to do these days. Cyrus is about a divorced, middle-aged man who finds the love of his life but her teenage son isn't crazy about the idea.

Cyrus is both better than it sounds and worse than it could've been.  John Reilly and Marisa Tomei both do a good enough job and Jonah Hill, as the uncomfortable son, is certainly enjoyable. However, it is the awfully predictable plot that sort of kills the film for me. Everything happens almost exactly as you'd expect it to. There is certainly something comforting about that and also disappointing.

Perhaps the one redeeming fact about Cyrus is that it is nothing short of amazing that someone like John Reilly can still get a lead role in a film. He is keeping the hope alive for the rest of us.