We generally love small-budget independent films (while not disliking the big-budget Hollywood films) and 'Once' is about as good as it gets. No, it breaks no great ground or brings no new principles to life nor does it present any great new idea that would never appear in a regular film but 'Once' is like one of those light, refreshing drinks (like fresh Coconut water that I recently had) that merely exists as a sliver of time , a shooting star that ends before you've fully begun to enjoy it. Mild and memorable, 'Once' is a modern musical, a look into the lives of two individuals in a made-up small-town Dublin that explores the possibility of romance between two essentially lost souls connected, loosely, via music and gentle sensibilities. The two try to find meaning to their otherwise mundane and gently decaying lives via their natural interest in another human.

Watch 'Once' but you will probably want to watch it twice.