Madison Square Park

Cublicle warriors

Madison Square Park is one of my favorite places in New York. This not so tiny park is located just in front of the majestic Flatiron building at the 23rd Street. It is on my way to commute everyday for several years now. I always enjoyed walking through it however, only in the last few years I've truly appreciated the beauty of this open public place amidst the skyscrapers overlooking it. That's because I've started to photograph the park more. It started as a project for my photography class two years ago and has continued since then several times every year.

Apart from its obvious charm one important thing about it is that it accurately reacts to each weather. The park is snow-covered in the winter, there are yellow, dried leaves in Fall, beautiful, tiny flowers in spring and that leads to throngs of folks enjoying the lush, warm summers of New York as shown below.

All my photos of Madison Sq. Park, a pet project, are here in Flickr.