Waitress is a delicately made chick-flick that is able to rise above the cliches of its genre. It is an amazingly good film that can make your evening after a hectic day. It is light, fluffy and sweet as one of those delectable pies that Keri Russel's character, the Waitress, makes with such love. The story about a small-town girl who marries bad and doesn't really no how to get out of it and then finds herself pregnant without a plan. Then of course there is a charming doctor who restores her faith in humanity and makes her complete again.

The film is actually much more entertaining than it sounds mostly because of an excellent treatment by director Adrienne Shelly who wrote and directed the film with an unusual flare. She also plays a little role in the film.

Unfortunately, she was murdered in her apartment in New York City in a freak robbery- gone-wrong, just before the film was released.