Knocked Up

This is essentially a very depressing film. Hailed by critics as the greatest gift to modern comedy and modern manners, Knocked Up is the story of a slacker that gets a smart, catty woman pregnant and who in return decides to go through with the pregnancy and more strangely with the moron. While Judd Apatow is hailed as being the man who knows the moment and how to milk it, to me he is just another hustler who has realized that you can be juvenile and crass but as long as you show eventual redemption you have a winner.

Watching this film makes me wonder about the James Deans and the Gary Coopers. It makes me wonder about days when men stood for something and women weren't always portrayed as these cunning, opinionated opportunists that are basically trying to push their way through woolly men who are pathetic at best and pitiable at worst. What the world needs is not easy-going, goofy losers but those that make a difference and stand for something.

There is of course no harm in making any movie even one that extols the virtue of aimless sloth, my issue is with critics that praise these movies as ones that define the moment for us. I for one would want to opt our from such a moment.