You Know My Name

As a rule it is almost impossible for me to sit through the same song a second time. There are a very few exceptions. I remember listening to 'Lithium' over and over again about 15 years ago and I cannot remember there being to many others. "You Know My Name" is one of those songs that I can hear repeatedly without a problem. The thumping beat and Cornell's tortured voice and amazing association with the dark and violent Bond Film Casino Royale for which the song was originally written by Chris Cornell and David Arnold (composer of the film's soundtrack.) It is easily one of the best Rock songs to have come out in recent years for me. It is difficult to follow or sing along and has the usual jitter that Cornell's songs generally do (Day I tried to Live, Black hole Sun, Outshined) but the burst of angry but remorseful energy and power is inescapable. There is something mysterious and sad about the song that underplays the momentum. An underlying tone of despair. That of power that is not being enjoyed but but merely being practiced with self-loathing but not self-pity.

Cornell has lately languished with Audioslave whittling away and his solo career never really taking off but he will live -- not only for the unabashedly good Soundgarden but now for this one amazing song.

(Of course there is a Wiki page just for this song)