Puja's new phone

So Akshra a few ago decided to throw Puja's Razr so hard that it just broke the sim card. We tried many phones but the sim card wouldn't work on any phone. Puja had to go to Vegas on a business conference in a couple of days so this was rather inconvenient. Well, if you have to buy a phone these days then I doubt if there is any real alternative to an iPhone. Yes, you can get free phones and you can get phones that do a lot of stuff. You can a blackberry for almost nothing these days. But none of them comes even close to an iPhone. At least that's what we thought.

So, the last Saturday we went to the Apple store at the Short Hills mall and got Puja an 8GB iPhone. Puja was quite reluctant and quite intimidated with the phone. She didn't really think there was any point in spending almost $500 and changing carriers.

Well, we hooked it in to iTunes and after just a few clicks we had our carrier transferred but our number securely transferred as well, we had our contacts, calendars, favorite playlists and facorite photos and favorite videos all copied on to the amazing device. If experience is what Apple is selling then they surely had something here. As I've always said yes their hardware is excellent but it is really their software that distinguishes them from everyone else. That's what you see with the iPhone. Lot of phones promise you all the features that the iPhone has but none that actually makes them usable.

It's been over a week now and Puja loves her phone. However, it is not clear to me if she loves her phone for any reason other than the fact that she has all of Akshra's favorite photos in her purse.