Amidst the crazy hustle of the city there always happen things that surprise you. Here is such a tale.

We did some shopping at the Oakley store on Prince Street in downtown New York. On a hot and muggy day, we loitered around the area that also has an Apple store and the other usual stores of an upwardly mobile neighborhood: J.Crew, Banana Republic and so on.

Tired and hot we saw this little coffe shop called Pomegranate Cafe and Gallery. Amidst paintings, this is a Bodum like shop that sells fruit juices, teas and coffees. We opted for some cool watermelon juice and a rather tasty toasted bagel with cream cheese. We rested our tired souls for a bit and then left the store around 1.00 pm.

It was only late in the evening around 6.00 pm that we realized that a small Oakley shopping bag and contained 2 brand new Oakley sunglasses and other trinkets that Puja had purchased from other stores and street vendors. We were shocked of course. It was stuff over four hundred dollars. We found the cafe's strange website that had a phone number that no one picked. Next morning we took wagers and I of course was the optimistic and promised a sad Puja that the bag would be just waiting for us. We reached around noon on Sunday and there was this attendant who was not the same one we saw yesterday and I was quite deflated. So I inquired about the bag and after a bit of a hassle of listing all the contents, which gave hope by the way, the attendant declared that he had the bag we were talking about and he had gone to some lengths to preserve it for me. I was happily surprised. I never ever expected seeing the shopping bag again.

I cannot understand what would prompt a person to not keep such a bag for themselves. They would be able to sell the sunglasses on any street corner in less than 10 minutes and pocket the cash which I know everyone is running short on. I don't get honesty. Its a good thing.