WWDC 2019: Problem has never been with Apple's promises

Here is a reminder to all the macheads feeling absolutely ecstatic about all the great things Apple has promised to release over the next few months.

Making promises has never been Apple’s problem. They’ve made promises before. Its the execution and delivery that has often sucked. There is no indication yet that that is about to change this year. We will wait and see.

  • Is the MacPro really going to be the expansion panacea for those with money to spend?

  • Will there ever be a MacPro successor? Or is this another one of those products that won’t get a successor for another half a decade?

  • Same goes for the XDR display. What is you don’t want to spend $6k on a monitor but don’t want a horrific LG or Dell monitor either?

  • What if the obsceneity of spending a thousand dollars on a monitor stand just won’t make you buy this monitor ever?

  • Is SwiftUI really going to solve all UI development problems?

  • Is Catalyst going to get us any better apps than the horrid News and Mac App Store apps?

Time will tell, of course. For now - I have very little hope.