Through some clever light work - they manage to cover the Cinderella's castle in snow - as a nod to the new hit Frozen
 The castle of the Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast' story
 "Africa" section of the Animal Kingdom park
 "The Everest Expedition" ride in the "Asia" section of Animal Kingdom is probably the most entertaining and perhaps the scariest ride I've been on. Not so much for the fall but the meticulously crafted mythology, something that Disney still remains incredibly good at. 
 The "Happiest place on earth" has managed to maintain its mystique and magical quality even after the all these years. 
 "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" was our favorite family ride this time around. Beautifully conceptualized and constructed, this was a total joy for the kids. 
 Cinderella's castle beyond a bed of flowers
 The Castle is amazing from every angle. 
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