Long Tall Deb's (@longtalldeb1) incredible "Let's Get Lost"

If you have any interest in modern, Motown-inspired/blues/rock then you should check out Log Tall Deb's brilliant debut solo album "Raise your hands". She has a big, loud, throaty voice reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones and Deborah Coleman.

You can hear all the songs on the album on her website: http://longtalldeb.com/music. "Let's Get Lost" is the best song on the album. A rare, sexy, intense song that makes you get up and take notice. Another gem is the brilliant "I finally forgot your name".

It is great to find new music that you can fall in love with. Long Tall Deb is making just such music.

Also interesting to note is that Long Tall Deb used Kickstarter to finance her first CD a year ago!