All privacy is quite useless

Facebook's new graph search that threatens to expose our trite likes and trivial pursuits is causing some consternation in the citizens of the said social medium. 

It really should not. We are blissfully in a brave new world where our privacy has been diminished to the point of utter unimportance that is matched only by our quotidian lives. 

We know how to maintain privacy of something though. Just don't posit it on the internet. Or talk about it on the phone. Or put it in an email. Or a document on your computer. Never store anything on the cloud. And make sure you don't talk about it on the phone. Or write it down on a piece of paper. And make sure you don't tell your mother...or your best friend. And for goodness sake - don't put it on Facebook! 

Yes, there is privacy. It is in your head.