The serious cleaner

the serious cleaner
[1/100 f/2.8 1SO800 100mm]
This is certainly one of my favorite photos from the 300-week project. It is my kind of photo. It is well focused, has a good shallow DOF, and above all is very funny! She is sitting there like she has Saraswati's Veena, with that priceless sombre expression. It is the kind of photo that would make her laugh (hopefully, if she maintains her current sense of humor) many years from now.

I converted it to B&W because it was just asking for it. It is another great tool to narrow focus on the subject and subside distractions caused by color - any kind of color - the floor, the background. Many times Black and White photos just make everything else disappear and that adds to the general human fascination for BW photos.

Week #276/300.