Last day of pre-school

Last day of pre-school

Last day of pre-school. She loved her pre-school. She has loved almost all social scenes. Unlike the other one, this one thrives on attention.

So, she isn't happy about this. She doesn't quite understand what it means - the end of an pre-school. She just understands that she will not be coming here, to this place that she's been spending over eight hours every day. Has made friends. And some, well, not friends.

So, she makes this face. A bit in defiance, a bit in denial. She is fighting back tears and doesn't want to be photographed. But how could I not photograph. I am running out of weeks fast. Less than an year's worth left. This is a pivotal moment for her and for me.

What does she know that is but one of many such departures. Life is all about getting to the next place you are about to leave next.

She looks so much older when she is angry. What do I have in store?

Week #260/300