Beecher's Flagsheep: The Cheese of my life

I don't think I ever imagined falling for a cheese so completely and uncontrollably. I tried to resist but nothing seemed to work. Its grainy texture, the nutty flavor, the faint pale oily skin, just the right amount of sharp bite, everything is so completely overwhelming. We can eat this by the pounds and we have been doing so and we have our waistlines to prove it. Flagsheep is from Beecher's in New York comfortably located at Broadway and 19th street.  Flagsheep is easily the best cheese I've ever had in my life. It is made from cow's milk with a bit of sheep's milk added -- hence the name. It recently won the Best of Show at the American Cheese Society Competition.

Here are three photos of my beloved. The first one using a wide-open, wide-angle that soaks in the afternoon light from the draped window behind and warps the subject exaggerating its size and importance.

[f/2.8 1/100 16mm]

The second one below is using a normal, 50mm lens. It is also wide open at f/1.8 and hence the really shallow depth-of-field but the subject appears like it is without any distortion. There is a beautiful texture from the table as well as the cheese itself. The shallow depth completely blows up the drapery and the window behind it.

[f/1.8 1/160 50mm]

And the final one below is taken using a 100mm Macro lens. This is of course a close-up again with a very shallow depth but pretty sharp so you can see the threads and the cloth of the rind pretty clearly. The texture of the cheese is accentuated to almost a level where it is unappetizing. The light illuminating the left edge is magical.

[f/2.8 1/100 100mm]