At Governor's Island

At Governer's
The Governor's Island is one of my favorite outdoor places in New York. A short ferry rid away from downtown New York, it is an old military post converted into an urban playground for the young at heart. Apart from some of the most striking views of the New York City and the statue of liberty, it is a biking haven and just an incredibly nice place to walk around or make a little picnic at.

Only drawback is that just like anything else in New York, it gets incredibly crowded during popular weekends.

On the left is Akshra at one of those overlarge swings with the Lady in the background looking over approvingly.

The shot at the bottom is from a moving ferry that takes you to the island. Great view of the Battery Park City at the tip of New York.

This is from Week #248 of the 300-week photo project.

Leaving New York