NY Times for iPad: The Worst, Most-Needed App

NYTimes iPad app

How is it that The New York Times, one of the finest produced papers in the world cannot make a relatively simple app work properly or consistently. It was one of the first apps out there, it had inside access to Apple and the iPad, Steve's personal blessing (from his biography, it is the one company he wanted to "save") and one of the most expensive apps and still remains the one app that everyone wants to be good, longs to be good and yet, it cannot help but disappoint. Can it really be that hard? WSJ is managing it just fine and so is every other magazine, even the Onion does it better. NPR and BBC are almost out of this world superior.

NYTimes, how can I help? I share Steve's sentiment. I think your company needs saved but I see you screw up every day and I don't know what to do. Can I be a volunteer tester? Maybe you can open-source the code so I can contribute?

A frustratingly slow app that never knows to refresh properly. It claims Newsstand support and shows that it updated at 3:00 am every morning but still shows you yesterday's news. The articles repeat across sections and some just never die for days or even weeks. It constantly wants you to leap out to the Browser from inside the app. The app doesn't even have half of the paper's content. All new features are buggy and take weeks to stabilize if they do at all. The section re-ordering feature is still not working after weeks. And all fo this when the app actually manages to not stay up and not crash all the time.

And this is just not me. Read the reviews on the app store. Overwhelmingly negative.