Ina Mina Dika: A redo by Goldspot that surprisingly does not suck (as much)

I've enjoyed Goldspot's music in the past. I found 'Grocery Shop' from 'And the Elephant is Dancing' is particularly intriguing. However, I wasn't quite ready, and who could be, for a redo of the Kishore Kumar masterpiece 'Ina Mina Dika'. However, if I may daresay, the song, well, does not suck as much as it could have. Goldspot's Siddharth Khosla does well and leaves the words underplayed and almost entirely focuses on the tune and the beats. The video is somewhat run-of-the-mill conceptually but still there is a charm to it. It isn't too far though from the Apache Indian videos which were certainly very entertaining back in the 90s.