Prague Diary: Cubist Cappuccino

Cubist Cappuccino
Prague is gorgeous in the summer. Never goes above 20 degree Celsius. Great weather for small cups of Cappuccino throughout the day.  So, I decided to keep drinking and making photos of the cups ideally with some sort of relevant background. So, here is the first one taken at the Grand Cafe at the famous example of Cubist architecture The House of the Black Madonna, shown below.

That gorgeous building is just a short walk from Obeci Dum, which is of course, another gorgeous building. That's prague for you -- one gorgeous building after another. And of course, one excellent Cappuccino after another.

This photo to the left is taken using the wide-angle Canon 16-35 mm. This trip was my first attempt at using it and so far I am pleased with the result. On a full-frame it is incredibly wide  and causes severe barrel-distortion which can be fun or distracting depending on what you are trying to achieve.  I also experimented heavily with focus points on the camera. I generally always use the center point but this time I tried to use focus points selectively. For example, here I used the left-most point and took the photo in portrait which pushed it to bottom -- aimed at the cappuccino cup. Even though this photo is taken at the fully wide 16mm, it does show nice shallow depth-of-field because of the low 2.8 f-stop.

The photo below is the The House of the Black Madonna. A beautiful building that now hosts the museum of Czech Cubism.

House of the Black Madonna