Prague Diary: The Dancing House - or what night does to a building

Fred and Ginger

Sun sets late in Prague in the month of June. I wanted to take some pictures of the Dancing House in the night as the building looked somewhat nondescript in the bright daylight and I had seen some great shots of the building at night on Flickr. When the sun eventually set, it was a bad night for photography. It was raining and it was cold. I took the train to the nearest subway stop - Karluv Namesti (Charles Square, for the uninitiated) and then, as it often happens, started walking in the opposite direction. After about 10 minutes I realized that something was wrong and I wasn't getting to the Dancing House but perhaps away from it. I could swear it was there that very afternoon. Well, anyway, I backtracked and eventually found the building.

It was raining and it was tricky to put up the tripod and mount the camera on it and then change lenses. I had an umbrella to cover myself and the camera but it was sort of difficult to handle the camera setup with one hand and manage the umbrella with the other.

I did manage to take some photos but not as many or as good as I had wished. One of the bummers was that the trams were not running due to construction and the lights of the trams come out great in long exposure. So, I had to use relatively faster exposures to get long streams of lights from the cars.

The photo above is from the night, of course, but look at an almost identical photo taken during the day below. It almost makes the building look like a tired warehouse. That's what a good, even if rainy, night can do to a building.

(both photos taken using the ultra-wide Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM which was fun, if sometimes strange lens to use)