Regina Spektor - at the Irving Plaza

Last Tuesday we went to see Regina Spektor at the Irving Plaza near Union Square. This was a 'sanding only' charity performance for Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors without Borders if your French is a bit rough. This was an excellent performance from one of the most genuinely talented artists in the music business today.

Apart from being a prodigy on the piano Regina is a quite a performer. She connects with the crowd, interacts with them and participates with them.

You see her perform and you know that you are looking at a genius who probably hasn't been fully realized yet. You know she is getting there and it is quite amazing to watch the build-up. You know that a few years from now she will be even further down the path of musical brilliance and you know that you will always wonder about the raw, uninhibited performance you saw standing for over four hours on a tiring Friday evening.