My one and only thrill - Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot's third studio album 'My one and only thrill' is even better than her previous hit 'Worrisome Heart' and that is saying a lot. This 25-year old sounds nothing like her young age and that is such a good thing. Mellifluous jazz tunes that are gentle, engaging and sung really well. She isn't Norah Jones. She is more in the classic mold. A more American Songbook than your average everyday pop singer.  Perhaps the most promising thing about her is that almost all songs in the last two albums that have come out in the last two years are original Jazz Vocals which is almost a feat unheard of in someone so young.

The entire new album is worth a listen but some that stand our are the incredibly tuned 'If the stars were mine', the traditional Jazz songs 'Your Heart is as Black as Night', 'Who will comfort me' and the surprise French 'Les etoiles.'