IRM - Charlotte Gainsbourg

IRM is a new collaborative album between one of France's most successful actresses, Charlotte Gainsbourg and one of America's most talented musicians and rock stars, Beck. IRM is brilliant in concept and even better in execution. Beck's synth-pop beautifully fits Charlotte's barely audible, sexy, often deadpan,  voice. Rarely do you come across a collaboration that works so nicely. Beck and Gainsbourg have created a truly outstanding musical offering.

Beck's music so brilliantly rich, aural  and substantial is almost reminiscent of his modern masterpiece - Mutations - which remains one my favorite albums. This is a more active affair. Beck and Gainsbourg co-wrote the lyrics and most are entertaining and insightful in their pop sensibility.  Gainsbourg's recent accident and resultant M.R.I. (or I.R.M. as the French would like to say it) ends up in one of the best songs on the album as the title track. Other excellent songs include 'Time of the Assassins', 'Trick Pony', 'Voyage', 'Dandelion' and 'Greenwich Mean Time'. 

Beck, who has played with numerous musical styles and sounds over the years, some sticking and others not-so-much, seems to have found something new and wonderful. This is really heartening. Hopefully they make more music together.