bread and butterfly


This is another older photo. This is from week 144 in June last year. She had gone to a party and got this giant red butterfly painted on her cheek. The painter certainly did an awesome job, I think. Awesome enough that Akshra thought she "had wings and she could take off..."

If you are wondering why the quotes around the last phrase then here it is. That is how Mr. Jacob John, a beloved teacher, chose to describe the impact of narcotics on people -- one felt like one had wings and one took off. That's it. Just like that he managed to describe it so completely and accurately for me. I understood it for life.

And the title? Oh yes, from "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carrol. "Bread and Butterfly" is the name of an insect -- a butterfly -- that has wings made of, well, bread and butter and a body made of crust. Bread-and-butterfly survives on light tea with cream.

The recent interest in Alice due to the new Tim Burton film "Almost Alice" got me to revisit Mr. Carrol's amazing novels. If you haven't read them then now is when you should do it. Great stuff.