Memories of summer

memories of summer

I am trying hard not to post old photos but this one particularly caught my eye. This is from May of 2009. A gorgeous summer day in New York. There aren't too many of those and when they do come you have to make sure you make the best of every bit of them.

I went for a vintage look on this. I was trying to accentuate the washed out, parched summer look. I think the colors of the bicycle and her top work well with the overall look. I went for the square crop again which centers her well. I have the subject just to the right a bit which indicates entrance in the frame rather than exit. In hindsight I would blur the van in the background which I believe is distracting.

This photo is from Akshra's week #143. This is a part of the 300 week project that I've been working on for over three and a half years now.