Megu - Downtown NYC

Rarely do we go to restaurants and have such a good time. Since everything was more or less perfect - from the ambiance, to the seating to the food, to the service to the beverage, I must conclude that it was a lucky chance. There is an ice sculpture adorning the center of the dining area at Megu and given how good things were going we have a suspicion that it didn't melt away that day.

If you haven't checked out Megu in downtown NYC (Thomas & Church) then you must go. It is an upscale ($$$$) modern Japanese place but it really servers all kinds of dishes and fine wines. We highly recommend the crispy tofu with delicately soft centers, and of course the crispy asparagus might be the best dressed dish in New York at the moment.  The skewers and the Sushi isn't far behind but fairly ordinary. Again -- we don't eat meat or fish so sushi is mostly lost on us.

We didn't really have time for dessert even though we sat and ate comfortably for almost two hours. We felt relaxed and pleased at a restaurant after a really long time. We were almost late for our Pink Martini concert at Town Hall...but more on that later...