I really enjoyed a lunch at the old San Domenico by the Central Park a few years ago. Alas it closed down last year. Not really surprising given the enormous size of the place and the rent they must be paying. Well, they are back with SD26 facing the poorer cousin Madison Sq. Park on the 26th street.

The first impression when I entered was how in the world is this place going to survive? A humongous cavernous place that seems to never end. Modern, swank look and fairy old-style Italian food and a wine list so large you need to use their tablet PC to browse through. Again -- not necessarily for a vegetarian, the place nonetheless has some remarkable dishes and salads and a supply of relatively inexpensive Truffles.

Must be something about me but I cannot help but meet celebrities in fine New York restaurants. There he was -- the man who gave greed a good name -- Gordon Gecko (or Michael Douglas, if you prefer) greedily devouring a salad. Well, greed must be good. He is in NY, incidentally filming Wall St. II. While I largely feel that Oliver Stone has lost his edge I am still somewhat intrigued by the idea. I loved the first movie a lot and it helped form some deep and long-standing bias in my mind about the financial markets.