Far - Regnia Spektor

Piano Girl
(this photo isn't from the album but Akshra probably wishes it were)

When Ravindra forwarded Regina Spektor's last album 'Begin to Hope' I wasn't sure whether whimsy was a character trait or a characteristic ploy for her. She seemed yet another Morilette but armed with a piano with some really unique tunes and very strange lyrics. Her latest 'Far' that I've been enjoying for some months now is even better than the last. It is, in fact, quite brilliant. Yes, I know how strange it feels to use that word these days for anything. Far is so amazingly well orchestrated and produced that it is quite a feat that it is actually so good. While far more playful and lighthearted than 'Begin to Hope', Far still hits quite close.

Noteworthy songs...
  • Laughing With
  • The Calculation
  • Wallet
  • Riot Gear
  • Blue Lip
  • Human of the Year
  • Dance anthem of the 80s
It is certainly pleasing that singer-songwriters are popular again today.  Regina Spektor is like Norah Jones but with fangs.