Rachel Getting Married

It is not troubling that movies are getting so awful. What is truly a sign of cultural decay is how awful film crtics are getting. Rachel Getting Married has gotten rave reviews and folks have been betting on Anne Hathaway being the front runner for best actress Oscar. Wow! This movie has got to be one of the most boring, awful movies I've ever seen. Almost 2 hours of wedding video is all there is interspersed with a weak, black sheep of the family plot thrown in just to lure the critics and the idiots like me who actually read and believe them.

We were just sitting through the bad wedding home video, I mean the movie, just painfully waiting for something to happen. A full 5 minute shot of people loading dishwashers. A wedding toast that lasted for over 10 minutes. A wedding dance that seemed to last forever and the actual wedding where the guy (and where the heck did they get those specs from? Do they even make them like these anymore?) murders (ok, not quite) Neil Young's 'Unknown Legend', one of my alltime favorite songs, the full song as his wedding vow! wow!

I want my 3 hours spent getting to and watching the movie back. Mr. Demme, I did not realize that your title was literal -- Rachel Getting Married -- and that's all there was to it. I know you used smalls plays from the Oscar book to lure the critics -- the casually interracial couple, the black-sheep who has a dark past, a disengaged mother, white folks dressing in Indian Saris (for no clear reason) and oh, the God awful live music that does not seem to stop ever -- even after the films finally does end. Sorry, but I cannot stand for this kind of manipulative video-making. You suck, Mr. Demme.