Kindle2 - First Impressions

I've never been crazy about e-book readers. However, I though I'd give Kindle2 a try.

I started reading McCarthy's 'Road' on it this morning during my commute. I subscribed to The New Yorker magazine and a cartoon from it is featured in the photo I took last night. I think the cartoon sort of explains why I bough this device :-)

Impressions so far?
  • downloading stuff is fast and efficient and awesome
  • feels good in the hand
  • the display is a bit small
  • designed well, slick except the keypad -- why do they have that giant keypad taking all that space?
  • shame that it does not come with a cover included
  • the beige gets dirty too easily but is still pleasing
  • reading? No, not quite the same as a book but very close
Hopefully this works out. Nothing beats having access to a ton of books and newspapers at any time from anywhere. Very cool.