Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 2008


The Lincoln Tunnel Challenge is quite an interesting race. This 5k event loops through one of the tunnels from New Jersey to back, a distance just over 3 miles. For the health freaks, the tunnel is cleaned overnight and air pumped into it constantly during the race so you really smell nothing.

This year's Lincoln Tunnel race, my 2nd, was a lot of fun. We ended up at the event early (mostly due to my paranoia about traffic and crowds), too early, around 7.30am. Registered and were all set. We had to stand for a good hour and a half before the race began.

The race itself went well. Sheru, Bobby, Puja and I talked, laughed, ran and enjoyed the event thoroughly.

BTW, the photo above was taken with a Canon PowerShot G9. I use this camera once in a while when carrying the 20D isn't an option -- like when you are running a race!