Mandav Trip (Part 1)


I have a long history with the historic city of Mandu. I've gone there many times and there are so many amazing things that've happened there. There is something powerful that grips you when you are there. You are clearly overwhelmed and that is so rare these days. Mandav is more than you and it is more than you'll ever understand. It is old and it is a mix and it is made up of so many things and so many cultures and so many people. It has had people for over 2000 years. However, not a lot is known of the early settlers. Recorded history, of somewhat dubious accuracy, goes back about 500 years. Several of the palaces are over 500 years old. As an Indian, I've grown up to run away from the past. It was not 'modern' enough. It was the 'past', I was told and I believed them. However, everything about the past fascinates me now and nothing more than old buildings. Take the Asharfi Mahal (picture above.) Asharfi means a coin and legend has it that fat ladies were made to carry them up and down the stairs. There is something wishful, something flawed about the story and yet so compelling.

(photos from the Mandav Trip)