Long Road Out Of Eden - Eagles

I often wonder why famous people that have nothing to prove anymore keep coming back and soiling their own reputation. What is it that makes them do it? Is it as simple as greed for more money or more fame or is it pursuit of the true desire to say something left unsaid or to paint that final brush stroke that completes the masterpiece. Or is it just some kind of biological compulsion for destruction that seems to permeate us all at some level and specially so those that hold a kind of social stature.

Eagles have come up with a new studio album after 28 years called 'Long Road Out Of Eden.' It is certainly a long road and maybe out of Eden but not sure where it is headed. Just listening to this album is like being on New Jersey Turnpike, a dour, flavorless patch of American highway that seems desperate to get somewhere, too desperate and does seem to go somewhere, an odd exit to an odd suburbia but takes the rider nowhere, at least nowhere they'd rather be.

Why, after already letting Hotel California be your cash cow time and again. Why? No hell has frozen over so what prompted this turkey?

Don Henley sings of the war and declares that the 'Road to empire is a bloody, stupid waste' but the shame is that Henley wants nothing less.