Anthony Minghella

I recently saw 'Breaking and Entering.' I saw the film in several sittings and the directory actually passed away while I was still in the middle of it. Another very strange coincidence.

I didn't think much of 'Breaking and Entering' even though there was something odd about consuming the work of someone who had just passed away at a relatively young age. However, going back to his earlier films , the much celebrated 'The English Patient' and mostly misunderstood 'Cold Mountain' and also the confusing yet arresting 'Talented Mr. Ripley', Mr. Minghella came across as a powerful visual storyteller with a bend toward literature (He was working on 'No. 1. Ladies Detective Agency' -- another famos book). While 'Breaking and Entering', his last published film, is clearly not his best, it does show the director as an observer of human misunderstanding and despair hence created.

His death is a loss to film-making. We've lost another director who made films for adults.