Of non-fiction and not quite

So once again there is much hullabaloo on a fake memoir (as if there is any other kind.) To me it simply exposes the naiveté of Western media, readers and editors. Editors, for trusting the authors, readers for trusting the editors and authors and for the media for trusting anything.

More than that is this perversely stupid idea that the terms 'fiction' and 'non-fiction' have kept their meaning while everything else has been morphing around them. For some, the terms seem to have, for some reason, circumvented the last few centuries and are still stuck in the age or reason (or darkness, take your pick.)

I for one have always been skeptical of non-fiction for it seemed too fictitious and fiction for being a bit too less so.

Sriram wrote about something similar the other day though on a slightly different topic but discussing, while on it, the fundamental issue that we need to be a little more awake. These days the terms Fiction/non-fiction aren't a basic classification of a human pursuit any more than sports/gambling are or news/entertainment are. It is all the same thing.

But everyone has the right to remain stupid. It is our fundamental right. Next only to suicide.