The Valet (La Doublure)

We generally like French films a lot. They seem to be very intimate and warm. Francis Veber's films (The Closet, Dinner Game, even the American film - Three Fugitives) are specially enjoyable. They are generally over-the-top, comic versions of very selfish people desperately trying to get by.

The Valet, unlike most French films, had a decent opening in the US and was generally well received. It is an amazing little nugget. The film is full of unforgettable characters and is so light-hearted retelling of the age-old 'beauty and the loser' tale but with a genuine affection. Daniel Auteuil (who has lately been in every French film we've seen) is a billionaire two-timing his even richer wife with a supermodel (and what a supermodel) and somewhat a valet must save his marriage, his fortune and his affair.

The highlight of the film is of course this amazing French beauty Alice Taglioni. I've never seen someone who is such a supermodel. She is more supermodel than any real supermodel. She is certainly the heart and the very long legs on which the film stands, and well.