It doesn't get much better than HanGawi for exotic sounding vegetarian places in the city. HanGawi in the historian Korean district near Herald Square is one of those quite, comfortable (expensive), old school places that come as a total surprise to you. One doesn't, after all, associate vegetarian food with Korean cuisine. However, HanGawi is totally vegetarian which gives you an added piece of mind.

The food is more or less a combination of Chinese and Thai. Though there aren't really any noodle dishes. The recipes revolve around mushrooms and tofu. And being a Korean restaurant, this of course features Kimchi (pickled cabbage) that can be extremely spicy or sour.

We ordered the following items and found them all to be very good but Tofu Kimchi hotpot certainly was the best dish.

- Silky tofu in clay pot

- Tofu Kimchi hotpot

- Spicy chilly mushrooms

32nd St, b/w 5th and Madison