Diwali this year

Diwali in US is such a downer. No lighting, no firecrackers and no festivity. Over the years here we've tried to do what we can to make Diwali a bit better for us. We try to religiously put candles and lamps and meet the few friends we have living around the area. However, it is never the same thing. We've been trying to go to India during the festival for several years now but somehow that has never happened. We seem to be stuck with January as our travel-to-India month for some odd reason.

Anyway, this year's Diwali was Akshra's first real Diwali and hence very exciting. Half the fun on celebrating special days with her is to dress her up in costumes. On Diwali she wore this special dress that came from Jaipur.

I took a bunch of photos that are here on Flickr.