At World's End

I am quit a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Or maybe what I really a fan of the concept of these films with Johnny Depp as the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow. This is one of those fairly rare trilogies (Star Wars comes to mind) that are actually not based on a book and were created solely for the purpose of film entertainment. While this has something admirable about it, it does make the films suffer from some sort of a plot really being the sub-plot theme to it.

The third and final, 'At World's End' is not a good film. However, it must be watched to complete the trilogy. It has little plot and a little flair and it actually leaves the 2nd film way behind in craziness and boredom. At over three hours the film is actually very hard to watch. However, it is also hard to get away from. You do want to watch the whole damn thing. Also, I guess the only saving grace -- Captain Jack Sparrow -- remains strong -- whenever he does show up. One only wishes that Keira Knightly and Arlando Blood took their roles a little less seriously.