The Day The Music Died

It was another hot and muggy day this last Friday. I left work early to play Squash downtown. I had to take the PATH train from 23rd to Christopher St. As I entered the train I realized that the car I was getting into had no AC on. With my tolerance for heat I couldn't stand to be in the car for a moment and I shot right back out hoping to make it to another car in the same train. In my hurry to get out in haste I ended up bumping into another man trying equally hard to get into the car. I was getting late and the heat was making me even more impatient than I usually am. I just kept forcing my way out and finally ended up in another car on the same train. Thankfully this was had the AC working just fine. It was about a couple of minutes after the train had started and the cool air from the AC starting to help me settle a little when I realized that my headphones had gone silent. I looked down at my pocket and much to my shock there was no iPod! Apparently I dropped it in the scuffle.

Strange co-incidence considering Apple is coming out with an all new line of iPods tomorrow :-)