Nowhere than in in software is it truer that every change is for the worse.

I launched Parallels Desktop just to run some Windows program like I generally do every few days. This time it came up with a message that I should upgrade as a newer version is available. I thought for a second as my inner anti-tech angel warned me against it. However, I decided to go ahead. What harm could it possibly do?

After a few minutes it was installed. I tried to launch XP virtual machine and it failed with a fatal error message -- "Virtual Bridge not found. Is it running?" What the hell do I know? You tell me it is running or not! It won't work anymore. As usual, I switched to Google and searched for the error message. The only place I found it was in Parallels user forums. I duly clicked on the link only to be notified that the "forums are down for maintenance."

Nothing succeeds as planned.